So this asshole took off one star because he had to walk from the parking lot, to the restaurant. In the rain. And he got wet. What a fucking idiot.

First of all, this tool went to an Afghani kabob house. Secondly, "Paki" is a derogatory term for people from Pakistan. So offensive term, misapplied to the wrong cuisine.

You shouldn't be surpised it too 20 minutes, during an absolute packed weekday business lunch, for freshly grilled meat!
I think she was stressed out and just wanted Rashads dick. I work there, and saw the way she was flirting with Rashad. We have a policy, we're not allow to fraternity the guests. But, since she wasn't a guest, 'Shad should of tapped that ass.

This bitch was all shootin meth and shit in the portico n shit while families are trying to check into their hotel.
her kid was throwing shit everywhere
they wanted 13 split checks
half of them paid with coins
a couple splits, split their check with cash and credit